Patent Licensing

Intellectual Property Licensing on behalf of Kansas State, Wichita State and K-State's Institute for Commercialization
Transferring K-State, Wichita State and Corporate inventions into products in the marketplace.

Flint Harvest is partnered with K-State's Institute for Commercialization at K-State to market and negotiate intellectual property licenses
for Kansas State University, Wichita State University and K-State's Institute for Commercialization own patent portfolio.

The following are examples of markets and technologies for which we have successfully negotiated patent licenses.

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing

Solid Film Lubricant

  • Lubes any surface where two metals meet
  • Decreases need for standard liquid oil
  • Greatly improves mechanical efficiency

Silicon Nitride Ceramics

  • Light-weight, inexpensive
  • Melt and mold to use in:
    • Cell phones
    • Industrial ovens
    • Military tanks

LEDs for General Purposes Lighting

  • Replaces incandescent light bulb
  • Long-life, highly efficient

Plant-based plastics

  • Replaces petroleum-based plastics
  • Source material is renewable

Friction-Stir Welding

  • Improved bonding of metal parts
  • Use on airplane wings and auto bodies



  • Quality control use with lasers
  • Improved manufacturing

HS Education Curriculum

  • Advanced Physics

Agriculture and Animal Health


  • Low toxicity, high efficacy
  • Low environmental impact

Cattle Feed Supplements

  • Improved feed efficiency
  • Improved growth and health

Animal Health Diagnostics

  • Kits for testing disease in cats
  • High growth companion animal market

Life Sciences

Adult Stem Cells

  • Noncontroversial source
  • Doesn't create tumors
  • Can grow into multiple cell lines

Therapeutic Drugs

  • Alzheimers
  • Cancer

Food safety kits

  • Ensuring the safety of our food supply
  • Cutting edge genetic technology

Monoclonal antibodies

  • Specificity yields high efficiency
  • Human and Animal Health